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Organization for Providing Assistance

Although VIN is a private, nonprofit corporation, it is, in effect, Butler County’s own emergency financial assistance and Furniture organization for veterans.

VIN funds are made available to veterans with emergency financial assistance.

These funds are limited only by the requirement of valid need.

The VIN assistance program is conducted primarily within and through the Butler County Veterans Organizations. 

Furniture distribution for veterans




Veterans Furniture Warehouse

Call Damian for appointment


referred by verifiable veterans organization. 

(SSVF, local VA Social Worker.....) 

Must have Referral signed and in hand to access warehouse no exceptions.

Furniture donations accepted


   Donations of furniture can be arrange by contacting Veterans in Need furniture warehouse (724) 290-9204

For donations of new or slightly used household items and furniture.

Dressers & chest of drawers

Couches, love seats and chairs 

Dining Tables & Chairs

Coffee tables and end tables

Microwaves, Coffee pots

 Toasters, blenders and mixers

 Large Appliances 

(washers, Dryers, Stoves and Refrigerators) 

 Clean bedding 

 Bath towels and washcloths

 Non-Plastic Dishes

 Pots and pans


Cleaning supplies

Helping Veterans with Financial Emergencies



Veterans In Need emergency financial assistance is provided under many types of conditions or situations. Usually involved are obligations for everyday essentials that are beyond the individual to meet. Any Veteran faced with a real emergency should be provided with VIN assistance within the framework of these policies.

Financial vetting process



Assistance is provided only for a valid need and not as a comfort or convenience.

Assistance is given only to individuals, not for group relief, general welfare, or long-term commitments.

Each request is considered on its own merits, on a personalized and timely basis and without publicity.

Assistance to veterans normally should be due to an emergency situation that developed recently.

Assistance may be given only to and for veterans and their family.

Application process for financial emergencies


The VIN objective is to meet every valid emergency need of veterans in distress.

1. An individuals must complete all application forms for VIN Financial Assistance.

  1. The VIN Outreach Team must establish from an interview with the applicant and, or from other sources all the facts regarding the need for assistance. 

3. The Outreach Team should not base their decisions on assumptions. 

  1. Each case must be considered on its own merit. No two persons are exactly alike; also, no two situations are identical.
  2. When the applicant’s case is borderline, the decision normally should favor the applicant.
  3. Normally, to evaluate an applicant’s request for assistance, the Outreach Team will consider, as a minimum, the following items:

(1) Whether a real emergency exists.

(2) Information on applicant’s income from all sources (including spouses, when applicable).

(3) Itemized statement of monthly and other expenses.

(4) Whether financial help will relieve the emergency.

(5) Amount of assistance needed versus what is wanted.

(6) Whether the need is being met or can better be met by aid from another agency.


Butler County Veterans Service Office

Phone: 724-284-5352 

for interview and documentation requirements

About Us

VIN Has no paid Employees, we are ran by Volunteers!!


If you would like to volunteer your service please email us at


  Veterans In Need Charter  

Veterans In Need was incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania on 5 March 2016 as a private, nonprofit organization to collect and hold funds to relieve the distress of veterans, their families during times of financial emergency. Veterans In Need exists solely for “Helping Our Own Hometown Veterans.” The VIN is governed under bylaws established by the Board of Directors as empowered by the Certificate of Incorporation.

The VIN Bylaws provide for—

(1) A Board of Directors consisting of the following:

(a.) President (John P. Cyprian)

(b.) Vice President (Floyd Case)

(c.) Secretary (Rich Riley)

(d.) Member (Roy Remone)

(e.) Member (Brian Christy)

(f.) Member (Rex Brown)

(g.) Volunteer (Mary Hambley)

Monetary Donations


Monetary Donations can be sent to; 

Veterans in Need Funds

143 Denny Road 

Valencia, Pa 16059   

To Become a Sponsor:

Please make Checks payable to: Veterans in Need Fund

___ $50.00 Friends of VIN

___ $75.00 Bronze 

___ $100.00 Silver 

___ $500.00 Golden 

___ $1,000.00 + Platinum 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to support those who have gave so much to this great country

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Contact Us

Butler County Veterans Service Office

at the Courthouse

(724) 284-5352

Butler County veterans in Need Warehouse

1610 North Main Street, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001, United States

Roy (724) 290-9204

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